This is our Lake Powell House boat trip.

Here are a few shots I liked during this trip ... Jim

First a few Sedona Shots


This is the masculine Vortex in Sedona called Bell Mountain



Slide Rock

Picnic area on way to Grand Canyon

Flowers shots at our Picnic

Clouds are threatening our Picnic

The Picnic

Lovely couple

The road to the Grand Canyon

The squirl that likes my drink!

Finally at the Grand Canyon - super.

Misty morning fog.

The morning mist is spectacular.

The View from The Office ... whew!

At one of the many lookouts ... 9 in all!!

View of the Colorado River canyons from the road going into Page.

Entering Page, AZ ... along with a storm.

Mesa in Page

Bluffs across from Walwheap

Kind of an incredible cloud ... don't ya think.

Whole in the clouds at Walwheap

Another bluff lights up ... what a show!!

Next day ... and we get the Houseboat ... yipeee.

Just a little side trip to the Slot Canyons first ... wow.

Nice light coming thru the slot ...

View of the top of the slot canyon ... lots of colors.

Now we are in the houseboat and the fishing has started. What's that bird doing?

Well, the lake is down 90 feet and the Narrows look pretty now.

Lots of interesting rock formations ... swirls.

On top of the world ... er ... rock.

Bro and Sis

Photographer and wif

How's the water - in Padre Bay

Time to relax in my other floatie.

Water was great!

Floaties are fun - nice cup holders too.

Guess we might as well all get in.

So, how about a fast ride on a jetski ... what a blast. Had a spinout dip too!!

Think they are up to something ... dancing in our near future?

Nice evening shot.

Ahh, our nice little 59' Admiral Houseboat. Leaving Padre Bay.

Our trusty fisherpersons are on the cruise too. Mo catches mo.

Our resting place the night before - Gunsight - Nice wall.

Sun is out but the clouds are ominous.

Well, a hole in the clouds make this a wonderful shot.

But our path looks very wet ... sheer rain and lots of lightening.

This is where we want to go but lightening just struck the top of this bluff!! I'm on the big boat now.

And the rain is coming down!

Get the picture.

Just crusin.

Ditto ... looking for a spot to park this big Houseboat.

Ah Ha, we found a good spot Bob, can you park it right here?

The landing crew at work.

Pull that line you honkeys.

If we only had enough food and water. And some booze too!

Well, we found Dungeon Canyon, nice place.

Time to swim and relax ... sound familiar.

Nice spot in the Dungeon.

Another view.

Reflective fishing.

What a group ... we never have any fun.

Just another shot in the Dungeon.

Lighting the Tiki torches ... or was it an Olympic Event?

And here is to Cummings Mesa from another Cummings!

Oh sure, we can make it thru there ...

See, we made it.

But can you have a plate lunch on your noodle??

Ok, we are excited cause we can now see the Natural Bridge too!!

Just up here a little bit more.

Ah Ha, it is really super.

But does it need to be held up??

Another photographer hard at work!

Our gang at the Natural Bridge ... don't go under the Bridge Jim ...

Shot of the cruisers under the massive walls of the canyon.

Morning light with the moon a shinin.

Another Moon shot at dawn ... whew its early.

Just cruisin the Anasazi canyons in the early morning.

Anasazi canyons.

So Mo caught the most fish eh?

Going for a swim before exploring the rest of the Anasazi Canyons.

Just Relax.

Just hangin out next to the canyon wall.

Ah, I'm in floatie heaven ... do you see those reflections?

Ah, yes, arn't they something else? The aura is something else here!

Just havin fun.

Kickin Back.

On our voyage to the discovery - is it wide enough?

Ha, Ha, sure its wide enough ... just look at us!!

Time for the Beach now.

Takin it easy ...

While the jetskis go bye.

They found a cave with a what?

A Waterfall and two Arches!!!

Might as well swim in there and play!!

Speaking of playing, lets throw some water up in the air ... whew.

Nice cave eh sister!! What out for that ominous light!!

Yeah, but this cave is bigger ... line up over here!!

Yep, big cave with fire ... must be prehistoric.

Back to our place in Oak Canyon

Heading back down the canyons.

Near Padre Bay at Sunset

Well, a hundred bottles of beer on the wall, a hundred bottles of beer, ...

There's a moon out tonight, uh a a ah ...

Back to the narrows with our feet up!

Safely anchored across from Walwheap ... lets swim and play with our noodles!!!

If you can play, so can we!!

Just a lovely houseboat ... don't ya think. Is this Cabo?

Just can't beat the fishin around here ... catch any sand crabs?

Pretty girls at sunset at our Cabo spot ... across from Wahlweap.

The whole gang - thanks to a nice neighbor ... what a group!!

Next time we should relax, have more fun, and play with our noodle more!!


Jim & Gail Thompson

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