Gail's Retirement Cruise

co-horts ... Bob & Louie Viora


This was a fun parade that we joined that went down to the Mississippi river to the paddle wheel ship Natchez

These folks were in the parade ... nice outfits don't you think.

Here is the paddle wheeler in action ...

Horse & carrage making a pit stop.

This guy sang and played for us while having out Beignet & Coffee

These are this years colors and poster

Cafe Du Monde

In Jackson Square ... taking a bath in the sun

Want a ride?

Luigi's Market down near the waterfront.

Joan of Arch

Our hotel St Marie

Beginning of the Cruise Trip in San Juan Puerto Rico

Many chefs busily getting ready for the new guests.

Arrival at St Tomas after a quick trip from San Juan

Megan's Bay

Our Jeep for the day.

Martinique ... downtown in the square.

Busy streets of Martinique

Cathederal in the downtown area.

The marketplace

The canal to the fish market ... access to ocean and the market.

Nature preserve ... nice hummingbird.

And some orchids too

Water lilly


Local plaid dress in downtown Martinique

Elephant design for tonight.

Docked in Barbados ... lets hit the streets!

Enough of this shopping stuff, let tour the Mount Gay Rum distillery

Even the view across the street from Mt Gay is beautiful.

And out tour guide

and after the tour, a little tasting. Can I get a job here?

Nice place and the turtles cruise off this beach.

And a little Beach Bar for some lunch.

Rough northerly coast

sunset in Barbados

Inside the atrium, the elevators are busy.

Now we are in Aruba, the Dutch island.

Nice bay and that's our ship.

But the shopping is super ... got any solar shirts??

Now we are off on a car cruise and the beaches are neat and the windsurfing is really cool.

Local fishing boat at the windsurfing spot ... Veneula is only 30 miles from here.

Local sailor with lots of winds.

And how is this for a beach - cactus, offshore breese, life is good.

North shore break is a little rough, make it or break it!


More crunch.

Natural Bridge - north shore of Aruba

Local party bus doing drops/pickups at all the rum bars in downtown.

We found our special beach bar and had to return for sunset cocktails.

And the girls got a special beachside table too!

They even brounght in the local dragster to celebrate the Balashi party.

Now were off to San Juan and a day at sea.

and a little pool time.

and the 230 foot slide was fun ... too bad its closed right now!

Back in Old San Juan

Point El Morro

could reload in 30 seconds, cannon balls could go 900 yards (?)

Neat fort ... tough to overtake ... English couldn't do it!

Interesting statues in Old San Juan

Nice buildings in Old Town


Now we are off on our Puerto Rico Island tour and this place looks good ... the shoppers like it.

Westin Rio Grande ... a little paradise

The beachs are nice here.

El Yunkie - only rain forest in the US territories ... think its raining?

Golf anyone.

Now cruising east again and this is the El Conquitador ... nice place.

more shots from El Conq

I really like the pool.

El Conq


This was our lunch spot ... really nice condos and a neat harbor.

Sunset at El Paragara

Pargara in the early morning.

Local home on the water front.

Upscale pole house on the water ... nice colors.

Local island ... nice trees.

My cruisin buds

The Captain

Our hotel - Villa Parguera

some local fishing boats

went out with Johnny to see the bioluminesence waters

Now on the So West coast at a beach bar for some snacks. nice fishing here.

Nice beach but don't walk around at sunset with no wind ... mosquitos ...

Isabella - nice blow hole.

Villa Montana - nice place near our Hotel ... too bad we did not discover it sooner.

having a break in the shade

At the blow hole, surfers just behind us. 20' stuff in winter.

Yes, and a nice little tour of Bacardi ... tastes good to me!

Statues in Old Town San Juan

El Morro

Nice monument to Old Town San Juan Puerto Rico.