The San Diego and Acapulco Yacht Clubs have a friendly racing event. This years racing was in Acapulco and we had a fun time. Here are some of my shots and a couple of Gail's too ...

We arrived at the Boca Chica for a welcome Sunset!

The new day and the water is sparkeling. Could it be the Margaritas?

Some Boca Chica shots.

Nice warm pool ... could it be those kids?

View from THE BAR ... was there once.

The view to our ocean race course.

Nice deck area.

Now we are off on our safari trip ... in search of Rambo's secret hiding spot.

We can beat these guys ... we have a bigger motor!

Ah, the jungle cruise for real ... and a beer or two to cool off.

Jungle ahoy ... look for animals in the jungle ... and on that funny looking boat.

OK, they do have a fast boat...

The infamous White Pelican ... whew, they are pretty.

Notice these are the Brown Pelicans ... and they don't like the white ones around the corner.

Here are the best fisherman ... the Cormorants and one Pelican who thinks he's a Cormorant.

Local fishermen with throwing nets.

Back on the Isthmus and now off to our Beach Camp ... hope they have beer.

Cool, surf's up!

Just a couple of Coco Loco's and you can look like this.

Let's hit the beach.

Maybe the birds know something that we don't.

I think it looks safer on the beach.

Yeah, good idea, lets just have some Coco Loco's and hang!

Whew, that was a big one!

I think its getting closer!

WOW, the power is incredible in these waves.

Ah, back to my book.

What books?

And a little Marichi music to make the day go bye.

Como tale vue ... or something like that.

Well, lets hit the beach again.

Err, well maybe a little later.

Pretty ...

and powerful

OK, lets eat ... that guacamole was unbelievable.

And the servie bar was really super!

Ah, lets just watch the surf.

Well, heck with the surf, where's my Coco Loco?

Watch out Jens!

Munch you?

The hammocks were busy as the sun sets

Nice Beach Place ... pools, showers, food, drinks, hammocks, and a little Volleyball

Sure had a good time, what's a green flash?


The green flash looks like this Gail!!

Well, back to the Boca and the locals beach.

Here is our boat that helped us with all 3 of our races ... great crew.

After all that practice, lets go out to the most expensive restaurant and have Dennis buy!

Nice view from Coyucca 22.

After all that steak, veal and lobster, wine, margaritas, caviar and vodka ...
its appropriate to have bananas flanbe!

And it flammed!

OK, we won a couple today and before the race is over, lets exchange gifts.

Something for the skippers ... nice book about Acapulco.

Some nice UK briefcases from John.

And the boat owners were all there too.

Nice gifts.

And here is a suprise, a Birthday celebration for Rick.

OK Rick, now you run through the gauntlet and we will spank you good.

Nice cake ...

Back to the Boca Beach

This is the Ice transport boat to the local island.

Local Bus ... nice paint jobs.

And the street vendors have some pretty items to sell on the beach.

Ah, back to the AYC.

Nice palms.

And this tree root is really impressive.

View out the harbor.

Nice views and open to all the fresh breezes.

And, of course, a super pool area with waitors and all!

Relaxing after the second day of fun sailing.

And some post race discussions - I think.

Ah, the pool is so refreshing.

Cool times.

Nice spot Rick ... that sun is still hot!

Yeah, its nice in here.

Let's talk.

OK Jed, you look pretty confortable in there.

Brigitte and Brad ...

More important discussions, one would guess.



Ah, and now the Trophy Presentation. We WIN!!

Thanks for a great time guys.

And our Comodore gets the Throphy!

Nice job to all our skippers.

And we will be back to have more fun, you can count on it!!

Some last shots around the Boca Chica.

I like this little boat a lot ... maybe I could start a business with it!

Yes Girls, I heard about you and that big yellow banana!!

And the evidence is still in the pool ...

Nice flowers around the hotel.

Bouganvilla de rojas

Amarillo flower

Red thing

And a big palm like thing ... you can tell I know my plants.


Oh well, it was a nice spot to stay even with all the little challenges.

Airport art.

The End of a great trip!